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Mission Statement Canon of Design

This site is dedicated to sharing the design secrets of master painters and translating them for artists of all kinds. This includes photographers, painters, cinematographers, sculptors and more! By sharing these powerful secrets, I ultimately hope to change the future of art.

The Canon of Design represents artistic integrity and enables you to leave your mark on this earth as one of the most talented visual communicators ever known. Learn the language of design to stand with the great masters and reflect the beauty prominently found in nature. Endure the journey to achieve artistic excellence!

Be sure to check out the FIRST ARTICLE to get truly excited about this new path in your artistic journey!! 

Master Painters Learning from

The amount of knowledge one master painting can provide is huge…enormous! We can tap into the techniques that have been used for centuries. First, we must decode the secrets, and that’s what this site accomplishes.

It might sound strange that we can become amazing photographers or cinematographers by studying the work of master painters, and that’s because it is. It’s not what the masses are doing. They’re in expensive schools learning about the rule of thirds and leading lines (it happens to us all). Though, if you talk to famous photographers, they’re sure to confess that they intently studied the paintings of masters.

Thank You So Much!

Thanks for taking the time to visit! Just being here on this page shows that you have a slight curiosity about mastering composition, and want to improve. Even if you are a beginner or a professional, most of these techniques are overlooked, or not even mentioned….no kidding. Some people rely on their gut to guide them, or worse yet, the rule of thirds. Both are unreliable as you will discover throughout this project.

Why Commit to Such an Impossible Project?

*Launch Day for the Canon of Design 365 Project was September 28th, 2013.
Original Name of 365: “The Rule of Thirds Killed Design and Left it for Dead.”

The Canon of Design started as a 365 project, where I would upload one composition related article, per day, for a full year, but it’s become so much more than that! You’re probably sick and tired of all of the junk you find on the internet and are thirsty for some REAL knowledge. I know I was! That’s why I created the Canon of Design…so artists could have a place to go to when they were ready to take their art not just to the next step, but to the master level. Thousands of artists visit this site every day, so you’re not alone.

I refined the information I found in school, books, experience, internet, trial and error, and wisdom gained from analyzing 100’s of master works, then presented it to artists in need of reliable, applicable content.

One article a day, for a year is quite the commitment, but I knew it would be something extremely important for the world of art. The Canon of Design was created for artists of all kinds to benefit from for years to come. It’s the only resource on the internet with this much invaluable information on mastering composition.

“Skills grow on a basis of understanding, not on ignorance.” ~Myron Barnstone

The Canon of Design was created to help introduce to you some methods of visual perception, design and composition that will help you in your photography, but can also be applied to cinematography, painting, drawing, sculpting, architecture, interior design, graphic design…it can be applied to any visual art.  It’s the key to mastering composition, understanding and creating your own masterpiece!

Sure, to some of you it may seem like a lot at first, but if you get one or two concepts down, then you’ll have more to learn when you’re ready. By all means, take baby steps to master composition!

This is a self portrait I took in 2013 when I first bought the Canon EOS 6D. I'm still using it today!
This is a self portrait I took in 2013 when I first bought the Canon EOS 6D. I’m still using it today!